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Where is Your Website?

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Recently, I have been having an absolute blast with websites! Little did I know in 2020 that I would be building, renovating, and completing websites. Many of which have been started by my clients with the most excellent intentions to finish them. While many of these template sites are advertised as simple to build and manage, it does still take the desired effort and a significant amount of time to achieve a polished finished product.

When I first created my own Wix website in 2017 it was with some apprehension and albeit; shame. I felt like it was a rather generic approach to my much larger marketing endeavors. It wasn't my best effort at the time, I just longed to get my name out there and decided I would do an improvement at a later date. For all intents and purposes, it did work well as I gained enough business to barely have time to consider that Cadillac upgrade.

Now I feel completely proud of my site and those of my clientele. With dedicated time to learning about these platforms, they really do suit every need of a business owner. With our society moving online in nearly every realm, we cannot dismiss the need for branding our business or product. There is no need to break the bank in doing so.

If you have started a website project that you have zero desire to complete, or need to start from scratch, please reach out. I really do dig what I do.

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