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Social Etiqutte: Don't Ignore the Haters.

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Of course, a bad review feels awful. Something went wrong despite your best efforts to have your business systems fine-tuned for success. All is not lost. In fact, a negative review is an opportunity.


There is some data supporting the idea that consumers actually seek out negative reviews to make a more informed decision about your product or service. They will analyze how you managed your reputation online as well as how you offered a remedy to the situation. Do too many positive reviews seem fake to you? They do to our audiences too. Don't let a little negativity ruin your day. Human error can be the path to building a new and better business relationship.

Factoid for you: Facebook and Yelp are the two most trusted sources in local search; Google comes in third. Make sure you scan these platforms frequently to respond to all recommendations, positive and negative, in a timely manner.

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