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Updated: Feb 8, 2023


Do a Google search of Florence Henderson and the Wessonality song if you have zero clues as to what I am referring to.

It is a jingle that has endured both space and time. A tune about crispy chicken back when fried food was a supper staple. An era when gluten was just being discovered as the likely culprit in a variety of gut-disorders. A song about vegetable oil that stands as an epic ear worm for me nearly 40 years later.

Why is this groovy slogan stuck in my head today? It is likely because I have a huge bottle of Wesson in the bottom of my pantry, on hand to deep fry our holiday turkey. More so because it was genius advertising. Think about it, Mom Brady singing about fatty chicken with her melodic voice.

It leaves me wondering about my voice and tone as I rebrand my business and those of my clients. What are we all trying to achieve? A lifetime tune or a consistent story? Times are different, advertising and marketing have evolved. How do you achieve optimum brand awareness within the realm of social media marketing?

Start by making a plan. Like a blueprint for your product or service. An outline that you can shift as you learn more about yourself and who your audience is. A strategy is where it's at; here are six worthy suggestions as you create yours. Wessonality strategy. I like it!

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