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Why the Butterfly?

When I created Social Butterfly, LLC. in 2013 I hadn't thought about an Urban Dictionary definition or who else may be using the name for their own business. I recently Googled Social Butterfly and was honestly surprised to see the kaleidoscope of butterfly named companies, many of which offer very similar services.

I have my mother to thank for this business name. She coined the nickname for me when I was in high school. I must have landed just long enough for her to make the comparison of the butterfly flitting from one flower to the next, to my never sitting still. I was often on a mission to find the next social event or gregarious group to regard as my friends.

Our phone, which in the '80s hung on the wall and had a cord long enough to walk from the kitchen to the family room (and likely would have reached out to our back patio had I made the effort) was constantly ringing with an invitation, gossip, or very likely a problem. Mom also observed that I was a welcome ear to teen angst, broken hearts, and pubescent drama.

My efforts now, as a Digital Marketing Consultant, are not so far removed. I thrive on meeting new groups of people, learning about new industries, and offering solutions; minus the gossip and drama.

One day I will blog about the other nickname my mom deemed me worthy of; The Velvet Hammer.

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