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The Covid-19 Conundrum

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

What an odd world we live in at the moment. The climate of uncertainty, change, and conflict accompanied by a vicious momentum. New policy changes every ten minutes. Model decisions are being made in two-week increments. My senior in high school won't be walking in commencement.

With masses inside their homes while brick and mortar businesses are on a government imposed hiatus, consumers are flocking to their devices to have their needs met. Grocery stores offering delivery or curbside pick-up, restaurants serving us up through online ordering and drop off, businesses supporting fellow businesses, and retail houses increasing their discounts and incentives to buy. Somehow through the power of social media, a lot of this commerce, charity, and commiseration seems sustainable.

Don't let your pages go stagnant while we await word of our world going back to some kind of normal. Now is the time to fine-tune your efforts, rebrand your business, and get creative about the services you offer; what need can you fill for others; for society, while we patiently await life after quarantine.

This is a great article by Small Biz Trends. Chock full of ideas, suggestions, and in-depth opinions about how to appropriately leverage your social media channels during this crisis.

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