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I Love When This Happens

Recently I enrolled for an online course with Business Made Simple University, a first step toward obtaining my license as a StoryBrand Certified Guide. Little did I know, one of the classes is based on the theory of the enneagram.

Years ago, I feverishly read through The Wisdom of the Enneagram book by Don Richard and Russ Hudson. I was soaking in the undeniable truth about my personality type, cautiously optimistic about changing the course of my relationships. Not only did I take the quizzes in the first pages of the book, but I also applied each of them to my unknowing children and ex-husband. As I concluded the book, it hadn't occurred to me how I could employ the principles of the enneagram to grow, maintain, and mend my business relationships.

I've taken other personality tests administered by numerous employers over the years. The results have often been similar, just delivered in different formats. My delight surrounding this latest development in synchronicity is one accompanied by curiosity. How will what I learned in 2012 while studying the enneagram be applied to my life and business relationships now, eight years later. Especially knowing that while a lot of years have passed, I am still #4, according to the enneagram, The Individualist.

I can't wait to log in to attend my next class to learn more. I wonder what number you are?

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