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Surprise! It's Not All About Popularity.

What if I told you that social media isn't necessarily a conglomeration of likes and follows? Imagine a world where you don't worry about the pace in which your following grows. A day when you don't obsess over how many likes your business has compared to the guy who is offering the same product or service down the street.

Close your insights page for a minute and have a listen.

Here's the deal. It is less about popularity and more about robust, professional, and informative social media feeds. Show your audience that you are committed to your industry and your customers through consistent and engaging content. Once you embrace this thought process, your audience will follow.

When you travel, how do you decide where to eat? Ask a local? Look in the Yellow Pages? Or do you hop online to do a quick preliminary review of your choices? You can start on Yelp, yet how many of us end up on social media sites to really get the scoop?

Do you choose the location with stagnant pages or the one with the most recent and consistent posts? The pages that are current and engaged with their clientele win.

Whew, what sweet relief to know that you can take a breath while you rethink your social media model.

Indulge the need to fill your feed. Social Butterfly Digital, LLC. can help!

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