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Content Before Content Was Cool

While planning for an interview this week, with a potentially sensational client, I had a thought.

Creating content in 2020 is quite similar to the pages I once created for clients during my adventure as a custom scrapbook artist from 2009-2012, before digital content creation being a necessity of marketing.

Hear me out.

Scrapbooking was, and likely still is, the ultimate art of storytelling. More than a she-shed hobby and Pinterest obsession, creating pages full of memories, faces, triumphs, life events while conveying their heart and soul.

From 2009-2012 I was the creator of this content. My first entrepreneurial endeavor, Keepsakes by Kellie, was formulated. Longing for creative time as a stay-at-home-mom, I launched this business of content creation for other people. They would offer me boxes full of their photos to embark on the nature of their content, bound in the pages of their scrapbook.

As my children grew and my small business evolved, I began to offer themed pages adorned with embellishments for clients to add their photos. I was allowing them to collaborate and tell their own story, their life brand if you will. The theory behind this was really to save myself time by offering the prologue to a much larger picture.

When I look back at my old blog platform to view these creations, I am aware of the similarities. Now, instead of cutting, pasting, cropping, and die-cutting, I digitally produce the forward to the rest of the story.

From 2009-2023 I have been the problem-solver for your needs. I am taking the mundane and tedious off your desk to create a successful and memorable story, while you focus on your passions.

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