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Pivot 2020

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

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/ˈpivət/ the central point, pin, or shaft on which a mechanism turns or oscillates.

Twice this week the word pivot was inserted into conversations with two clients. I appreciate the moments when a word contained within mutual dialog becomes repetitive as it is then I realize the depth of the message.

Since starting Social Butterfly, LLC. in 2013 I have had to make strategy adjustments along the way. Twice I have left my own company to pursue other endeavors working for someone else. I always find myself longing for the creative aspect that SB offers me; totally fulfilling that right-brained mentality of mine.

Back at Social Butterfly, LLC. full-time this month as a social media manager and digital marketer, I am smack dab in the cyclical motion of yet another pivot. Realizing the immense need for my skill-set in a national climate of shift. What worked in 2013 is still functional, yet there is so much more to offer as we wade through a national movement of businesses relocating brick and mortar into the realm of digital.

As I partner with McLean Media Group we are forming that central point on which we will together pivot and help others to do the same. We aren't quite as humorous or neurotic as Ross (Friends) but we are pretty fun!

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