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Paths Crossed - Heart Shots Second Edition

Ten hours, nine heroes, five heart shots, three abductions, two widows, and one fatherless son fill this explosive prequel to the Paths Crossed series. The story unfolds in 1957 when a WWII veteran, convicted sexual predator, and parole absconder, picks up a hitchhiker in Maine, who is a drifter with no criminal record. Matched, they embark on an undetected nationwide crime spree until an intuitive Michigan trooper begins to unmask their criminality. Shot three times and left for dead, this trooper is the first of nine emerging heroes. Four more police shoot-outs would follow, each more bizarre than the previous. Sprinkled with suspenseful interludes, Heart Shotsis an action-packed true crime thriller that rivals fiction.

Paths Crossed - Heart Shots Second Edition

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