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Things I Cannot Dispute - Analytics

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Last night I had a weekly meeting with McLean Media as we power up to collaborate on new and exciting opportunities to (among other things) streamline your social media efforts. The topic of ROI came up, we agreed that this is an amazingly convoluted topic with our collective clients.

Instructing clients about the long game is crucial; ROI takes time, effort, and a lot of patience. From the perspective of measurement, you should aspire to kick off the process with all the means at your disposal that you can utilize at a later date. Establishing what you’ll want to measure and why. That means deciding what the most appropriate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are going to be and making sure you place the proper analytics in place from the start.

Setting ROI and KPI and all the other fun acronyms aside for a moment, I cannot dispute what I found this morning in my Wix analytics.

My website traffic is up 100%. This after a two-year hiatus of doing virtually nothing related to Social Butterfly marketing, as I accepted a full-time position with an amazing company. I’ve been back at it, boosting my own business, for the past two months, slowly rebuilding and rebranding my identity.

Where is my traffic coming from?

  • Facebook: 50%

  • Direct links: 36%

  • Instagram: 6%

  • Referrals: 5%

  • LinkedIn: 3%

My point is this: if you haven’t embraced digital marketing yet, you need to. With minimal effort, your business will see results. Consider what a few posts a week will do to boost the awareness of your brand and ultimately your status as a professional in your industry.

Not sure where to begin? I know a great place for kick-off!

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