Business Concierge? What is that?

We are busy. We are challenged with restrictions and mandates. Simple and mundane tasks have become even more cumbersome. This "new normal" of our world is accompanied by ever-evolving challenges.

How do I help? By providing concierge services for business executives and small business owners. Including, but not limited to, running errands, grocery and personal shopping, making travel and restaurant reservations, event planning, and home management.

Creativity is not only putting pen to paper or content creation. It is also about finding the balance in our lives with the least amount of disruption and stress.

"Since teaming up, she's elevated the quality and caliber of everything I do, whether it's prepping and messaging for my blog that was just published, ultra-personalization of holiday gifts and mailers to team and clients, event planning and larger marketing and branding initiatives, she's become utterly invaluable to me. In my personal life, she's helped make some Herculean tasks very doable because of her connections and just-do-it attitude. The best part is that the more we work together, the more Kellie understands my "messy" approach to creative tasks and is a great organized balance to my way of getting things done."

Bridget Cavanaugh - Executive Consultant, Rodan + Fields

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